The key objective of the psychosocial support programme is to support the healing process with communities who were affected by the conflict. It is expected that the psychosocial interventions will help rebuild resilience and social capital amongst affected communities, thereby contributing to improve their individual earning capacity and growth through social and economic engagement.


    Based on the evaluations conducted it was identified that there are following shortcomings.


    • Lack of proper coordination among the service provider
    • Quality of service provided
    • Capacity of counselors/ Health care Workers at field level


    Considering the above a programme was designed to strengthen the capacities of psychosocial workers to handle trauma and psychosocial support services within the communities. The programmes include psychosocial investigations at individual, family and community level by providing counseling, therapeutic activities as cultural relaxation, Psycho education, family and group work, networking with other organizations, rehabilitation, education, vocational training, and employment income generation activities.