In the journey towers fostering social cohesion, it is imperative to start from the fundamentals that influence an individual: his/her value and benefits. Other than the traditional methods of education, implementation of curriculum reforms that has long term impact, hence it is necessary to make programmatic interventions that could have immediate impact among students. One such immediate impact is to install a sense of inclusiveness through the appreciation of diversity. To do so it is essential to create and experience to be solidified through creating a space for students to exit their exclusive silos and come together, work as a team, build sustained friendships and take the learning forth.


    Based on above Education for reconciliation programme is initiated to undertake the following objectives


    • Incorporate National unity and Reconciliation as a pillar within with in the educational reforms
    • Mainstream National Unity and reconciliation into policy, curriculum, teacher education and co- curricular activities
    • Promote National Unity in schools through school twinning programmes for students and teachers.


    The absence of common grounds to experience diversity has been a root cause for the persistence of inherent prejudice and stereotype and bolstering of ethnic and social divides. Through the education for reconciliation programme ONUR aims to bring students of diverse origins representing educational zones to come together a series of exchange led projects.