Under the conflict transformation unit of ONUR the following programmes are being implemented with the objective of reconciliation catering peace and social harmony among the communities to achieve national unity and sustainable Reconciliation.


    Heal the past Build the Future

    This initiative is developed to strengthen a physical and human infrastructure at the level of divisional secretaries for designing and implementing a national level reconciliation initiative in Sri Lanka.


    Overall objective

    • Physical and human infrastructure at the level of Divisional Secretaries is developed and strengthened for designing and implementing a sustainable reconciliation initiative in Sri Lanka.


    Specific Objective

    • Develop a carder of trainers functioning at Divisional Secretarial level to raise awareness and promote relevant activities on reconciliation among the government and non-government sectors and different communities.
    • Develop and implement an awareness creation programmes on reconciliation among Government and Non – Government sectors and different grassroots communities at Divisional levels.
    • Formulating Divisional Level Reconciliation committees (DSRC) to deal with related situations and issues.
    • Strengthening civil Society Organizations working on Reconciliation at National and District Level and accommodating their community network to different reconciliation initiatives.
    • The functions of District reconciliation committees (DRC) will be strengthen and supported through the functions and activities of DSRCs with the collaboration of DRCs and village level set up.