01. Who are the Board Members of ONUR?

ONUR is headed by former president of Sri Lanka Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and the Director General of the office is Mr M S Jayasinghe.

The Board of governors consisting of the following distinguished personnel:

Prof. Savitri Goonesekere
Mr. Rienzie Arsecularatne P.C
Mr. Kandiah Neelakandan
Mr. Javed Yusuf
Mr. Nimal Gunawardena
Ms. Priyanthi Fernando
Dr. Ram Manikkalingam

02. What is the role of ONUR in responding to matters related to accountability questions raised with regard to the military conflict?

The ONUR mandate broadly covers the 8 focus areas we have listed in our website and all initiatives related to Accountability mechanisms are coordinated by Justice Ministry and Foreign Ministry in consultation with the offices of His Excellency the President and Hon. Prime Minister. The ONUR will be assisting if any request for assistance is made in such initiative from the respective ministries.

03. What is the role of ONUR in relation to Resettlement and Rehabilitation?

The Ministry of Rehabilitation and Resettlement handles the task of handing over lands to their rightful owners and assist them to build houses and related services. ONUR works with the Ministry and Resettlement Authority wherever applicable in this process.

04. What is the procedure if I have an idea I would like the ONUR to consider in its programmes and/or I would like to work with ONUR on a particular focus area as a partner / implementer?

ONUR invites you to write to us or email us with your ideas and proposals for consideration. Please note that we may not be in position to immediately acknowledge receipt and follow up on every single communication in this regard unless such a proposal is within our priority focus area at the time of receipt. However, we will keep such in our records for reference and appropriate action when needed.

05. Is ONUR a government department, agency or a commission?

ONUR is a set up under His Excellency the President, on approval of a cabinet decision obtained by the Hon. Prime Minister and headed by Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, former President of Sri Lanka.

The office is mandated to lead, facilitate and support initiatives related to national unity and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

06. How do I let you know if I have a family member who is disappeared / my land being occupied / lost my livelihood due to the conflict?

ONUR does not operate as a legal redress institution for these types of grievances; however we do coordinate and facilitate with relevant state agencies, as required, to help the affected individuals or families within the mechanisms available at present. You may write to us by post about any such grievance you would like to follow up and bring our attention to.