Arts & Culture for Reconciliation

Arts and Culture as a means to achieve national unity and reconciliation is a key long-term initiative of ONUR, which will work in partnership with a diverse group of artists from various fields of Arts and Culture in Sri Lanka.

This group hails from diverse backgrounds both in terms of the diversity of the type of artistic endeavours they are involved in as well as the social, ethnic, religious, linguistic backgrounds.

Among the many activities planned for next year, a large-scale festival of arts and culture is expected to be launched in the middle of 2016 with the events and follow up activities spreading across the country in multiple locations.

The selection and decision making with regard to the activities will be made by a working committee of artistes guided by the ONUR for the purpose of greater transparency, autonomy and effectiveness. Performances including Tele Dramas, other forms of theatrical and musical expression are encouraged as part of the countrywide initiatives leading up to these.

The ONUR will also endorse various initiatives which make a positive and sustainable contribution toward national unity and reconciliation. For instance, the “Secca Team”, Sinhala language Tele Drama focusing on a theme of unity and reconciliation, which is telecasted on Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation during Saturday prime time has been endorsed by ONUR.

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