Focus Areas

National Policy on Reconciliation

Discussions are underway to introduce a National Policy on Reconciliation following a public consultation process, which ONUR believes will reflect people’s mandate and be adopted as the policy of the State for Reconciliation and building an inclusive society and stable, democratic country.

Inter-ministerial Steering Committee on Reconciliation

A Committee hosted by ONUR, with the participation of Ministers and officials of several ministries who are direct implementers of various programmes related to this subject area. ONUR, Ministry of National Integration, Ministry of Resettlement, Prison Reforms & Hindu Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of National Dialogue are represented in the Steering Committee.

Thematic Focus:

At the inception of ONUR, the following eight areas have been identified as thematic focus areas to be pursued:

  1. Engage all Sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka and outside in building national unity and reconciliation.
  2. Build an inclusive society by promoting social integration.
  3. Ensure coordinated development planning at District level.
  4. Securing language rights of every Sri Lankan.
  5. Support the healing process within communities.
  6. Address issues of Female Headed Households.
  7. Bring youth and children to the forefront in building national unity and reconciliation.
  8. Facilitate restoration of lands to rightful owners.

We invite the entire citizenry to come together to build a nation co-existing in unity and harmony with respect for diversity. Your views and suggestions are welcome.