Initial Consultations: framework to develop a National Policy on Reconciliation

The Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) has launched a process of formulating a National Policy on Reconciliation.

An inaugural Policy Workshop was held recently to begin deliberations around a Concept Paper for a National Policy on Reconciliation drafted by the ONUR. The proposed process for developing and formulating this National Policy on Reconciliation was reviewed at this Policy Workshop.

ONUR has launched this process with a multitude of actors, including representatives from government Ministries, Departments and academics, civil society leaders to reflect on content and process related aspects on the need for a whole-of-government effort on reconciliation. This would encompass the multiplicity of perspectives on the subject of reconciliation while not losing sight of national priorities and local community needs.

The proposed National Policy on Reconciliation will recognize that reconciliation is a multi-stakeholder process and hence serve as a reference point for all stakeholders in the country to ensure uniformity, coherence and consistency.

The proposed process involves national and district level consultations and ensures a policy mix to embrace the varying facets of reconciliation. The Policy Paper on Reconciliation has been built upon previous policy initiatives relevant to reconciliation to ensure that there is no duplicity or contradictions.

This endeavor is being undertaken to fill a long-standing vacuum of a consolidated National Policy on Reconciliation. This will satisfy the need for an over-arching vision on Reconciliation and a broad framework for the process of national reconciliation. The Policy, fully-developed, reviewed and approved, is expected to be the stated vision of the Government on Reconciliation.


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