Education Sector Initiatives

Identifying the fact that education is an extremely important sector for supporting a transformative process in post-conflict societies and in creating the mindset of the younger generation to encourage social cohesion, reconciliation and fostering unity; ONUR with Ministry of Education and the relevant Provincial Ministries of Education, have jointly identified a range of short, medium and long-term initiatives that will facilitate creating awareness among the young generation on the importance moving forward as Sri Lankans with national unity and reconciliation.

Some of the identified existing initiatives will be scaled up for better efficiency and effectiveness including student/teacher exchange programmes and the promotion of arts, culture and sports for reconciliation.

Discussion is underway to design a roadmap for mainstreaming national unity and reconciliation within the education system. Some significant milestones suggested in this process consists of reviving Citizenship Governance & Peace Education and practice in schools and the promotion of the Trilingual Language Policy.

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