Conflict Transformation Programmes

This programme would prepare communities to initiate dialogues while establishing intra and interconnections among diverse groups. This will aim to create a link between community, regional and national level reconciliation efforts. In this way, communities will have greater opportunities to understand diversity while working together to address and resolve socio-economic issues. Communities would gradually realize that diversity is an opportunity rather than a challenge. In this regard, several projects have been identified and will take place in parallel.

To be launched in early 2016, interfaith and intercultural dialogues will be the first step in this endeavour to strengthen the physical and human infrastructure at the level of divisional secretaries for designing and implementing a national level reconciliation initiative in Sri Lanka.

In partnership with the Center for Peace-building and Reconciliation (CPBR), the ONUR will develop a cadre of trainers, consisting of development officers and religious leaders, who will closely work with divisional secretaries to raise awareness on reconciliation among government officials and communities.

In addition, this programme seeks to develop and implement an awareness creation campaign on reconciliation among the relevant government officers at the regional level and a reconciliation programme through Divisional Secretariats to be implemented among community and youth leaders and professional groups. This programme will pilot in the 3 districts.

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