Comprehensive District Development Plans

ONUR together with Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs has formulated comprehensive 5-year District Development Plan for the Northern and Eastern provinces.

Since the end of 30 years of internal strife, there have been financial and technical assistance extended by the Government, Donors and Civil Society Organizations for the socio-economic-infrastructure improvements.

Most of the programmes were implemented independent of each other, displaying lack of coordination leading to repetition, overlap, duplication of the programme.

While these 2 provinces were chosen due to the extensive disturbance to normal life and unequal development due to 30 years of internal strife; ONUR and NPD (National Planning Department) believe this could be a model to be used in the rest of the districts, as well in enabling an inclusive development agenda for each district in Sri Lanka.

The process of comprehensive development planning included stakeholder consultation from the local communities, the first time such extensive consultations with stakeholders have taken place in the planning of Government Development Programmes.

Civil Society Representatives who attended meetings were appreciative of the fact that an open and transparent consultation was carried out without limiting such discussions to officials only.

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